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How we do it


Own Your Game

Our mission is to help you create unforgettable player experiences.
You reserve the rights to your unique IP all the way up to Global Launch, while we provide you with production assistance on a daily basis.
We believe each project is unique and deserves special attention from our best professionals.


Master The Market

Creating a great game can be hard, but marketing it can be even harder. Our audience is your audience, which is more than 1 000 000 000 players to date.
Advanced cross-promotional mechanisms allow us to motivate over 50 million monthly active users to discover and download your game.


Go Global

We amplify global releases and updates with data-driven insights, localization expertise, top-notch promotional assets and precision SMM.
The level of quality and innovation that is nurtured in our products results in regular featurings across major appstores.

Who we are

Match Games is a new game publishing company.

Fun, Innovation and Quality

We are a team of passionate specialists with an extensive knowledge of the game industry. Our task is to make sure that players will be able to enjoy unique and unforgettable games. We’re not just a game company – we’re your game partner!